Project: Morrison Utility Services – Substations Projects

As part of ScrewFast Foundations long-standing relationship with Morrisons Utilities, we were contracted to install foundations at two further locations. The ScrewFast design team recommend helical pile foundations at the majority of substation sites because the installation process requires minimal plant and no excavation. This significantly reduces risk involved with the foundations process with the proximity to overhead high voltage cables, as well as underground cables and services.

  1. Aylesbury East Grid

ScrewFast installed 20 Helical Piles to a depth of between 5 and 6 metres, with 3 Ground Ties at Aylesbury East Grid. Works were complete in just 3 shifts of 8 hours.

The installation was scheduled during the winter months. Due to the speed and simplicity of the Helical Pile solution, along with not needing any excavation, the programme was unaffected by the weather conditions. There was no waste or spoil to remove from site, with the minor soil being spread around site on completion of the project.

The installation crew comprised of 3 members, all trained under the ScrewFast Foundation scheme.

  1. Laxfield Primary Substation 33KV

In just 2 shifts, ScrewFast installed 7 Helical Piles to a depth of between 5 and 6 metres with associated Top Hats and Beams for mounting the structure. A single 21 tonne excavator was required for installation and was able to install the foundations from up to 4 metres from pile location – allowing great flexibility to install around existing above-ground services.

The ScrewFast piling systems do not produce waste, therefore only minimal general waste was generated, which was spread around site on project completion.

Only 3 ScrewFast trained installation team members are required on site, with our project manager contactable 24/7 during the project.