Project: M6 Motorway Junctions 2-4

ScrewFast Foundations were contracted by McCann Ltd to design and install foundations for new Fixed Vertical Road Traffic Signs on the M6 Motorway between Junctions 2 and 4.

Based on the ground conditions and project requirements, ScrewFast’s experienced design team recommended the use of SHW series 1600, 1800 & 1900 compliant Steel Driven Tube foundations. The solution requires no mass excavation, no large piling rigs and no concrete, meaning that multiple piles can be installed in a single shift.

158no piles of varying diameters and depths were installed using ScrewFast’s own Plant. Movax to pitch the piles and BSP DX RT25 to back drive the piles to depth. Working nights with limited hours, and installing up to 10No piles per shift. To complete the project, top-hats were fitted to the piles to enable easy connection with the road traffic sign.