Project: Canterbury to Richborough Overhead Lines

ScrewFast were approached by a Murphy Group and Eltel joint venture to design and install a total of 160 permanent and removable foundations, plus 6 temporary lattice towers for the National Grid. The work was part of a project to erect support structures for a 400Kv overhead lines from existing Canterbury North and Richborough substation facilities – a total distance of nearly 21km. The new line connected the NEMO Interconnector link – a 1,000 MW undersea interconnector between Belgium and the UK – into the UK’s existing high voltage network.

Despite encountering some adverse weather conditions during the installation, as the foundation solution required no excavation or pouring of concrete, the project was unaffected and the steel foundations were installed without impacting the project schedule.

The ScrewFast solution included 20 Vertical Poles, 17 Raked Stays and 5 No. 4 Piled Grillages on which the towers could be loaded. Thanks to the ScrewFast solution eradicating excavation, no spoil needed to be removed from site. The entire structure, helical pile and stay foundations were installed, ready for loading after just six weeks.