Capability Statement

ScrewFast Ltd – Company Information

Company:       ScrewFast Foundations Ltd (known as ScrewFast)

Reg No:           3902417

VAT No:           741032576

Date:               December 2013

Location:        Head Office – St. Albans, Hertfordshire with offices, compound and workshops conveniently close to the M25 motorway.

ScrewFast Foundations Ltd Company History

History:           ScrewFast Foundations Ltd was formed in 2000 as a sister company to an existing soil investigation business previously founded in 1998.  This business was soon absorbed as a specialist department within the ScrewFast Foundations Ltd structure.  Peter Dunn CEng, the first Chairman of ScrewFast Foundations Ltd stated at the time “We see sound Geotechnical information as the essential requirement for sound foundations”.

Helical Pile Pioneers

ScrewFast Foundations Ltd pioneered the use of Screw Pile (Helical Pile) foundations for railway signaling in 2000 and was the first provider of ‘Large Diameter Helical Piles’ in the UK.

ScrewFast retains its leadership position in this industry despite many emulators and recent entries into the helical piling market. ScrewFast’s Innovative Design Capability and Geotechnical Expertise are key  strengths behind the success of our company.

Our Principle Market

Markets:         Our principle markets include:

  • Roads
  • Rail
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Civil Engineering

Other Sectors in which we have experience include:

  • Process Industries
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Airports
  • The Environment Agency
  • Central and Local Government
  • Electrical Grid Projects

Our People

People:           ScrewFast directly employs experienced team members in each of the                  following departments:

  • Specialist pile installation
  • Geotechnical and structural design
  • Project management
  • Business administration
  • Business development
  • Research and development
  • Procurement
  • Plant and stores management

Each department is led by an experienced team member with proven capabilities and long-term experience in all of our activities.

Building Company Foundations with Training

Throughout the company, training is encouraged at all levels from trade apprenticeships through to post graduate degrees and supported financially through for the duration.

ScrewFast’s workforce are both CSCS and PTS certified to work on a variety of construction sites.

ScrewFast’s work is carried out by our own highly trained operatives with support from trusted, regular supply chain subcontractors. This ensures the maintenance of total site management, with direct control remaining with us at all times.

Much of the work undertaken on site requires robust environmental management to protect and minimise any adverse impact from construction. All sites are properly defined with all legislative protection measures in place and our personnel are always fully inducted and briefed on the individual site requirements. Our senior managers have clarity of vision and maturity of judgement giving our clients and staff complete confidence in our ability to deliver.

Designing Innovative Foundation Solutions

Design:            Innovative proven engineering solutions and a dynamic design approach are ScrewFast’s special strengths. The design team has been carefully developed to blend a very high standard of geotechnical and structural design skills. All designs fully comply with relevant Eurocodes.

ScrewFast designs foundations and support structures for:

  • Small and medium wind Turbines, Lattice towers, Radio masts, Cable end posts, and Pylons
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Pipeline supports and floatation restraints
  • Bridges, Jetties and Platforms
  • Retaining walls and tiebacks
  • Industrial plants, Machine bases and Cranes
  • Industrial, residential and commercial buildings
  • Disaster renewal and prefabricated buildings
  • Signage, CCTV, communication and lighting masts

Our Foundation Advantages

Advantages:   Key benefits to using our solutions include:

  • Fast installation, generally no concrete needed
  • Used for compression, tension and lateral loads
  • Unique Angel® Piles for high lateral loads
  • Highly competitive on pricing comparisons
  • Extremely mobile plant
  • Universally available plant
  • Minimal mobilisation costs
  • No piling platforms required
  • Sustainable – Reusable ‐ Recyclable
  • Removable (can be permanent or temporary)
  • Conventional geotechnical principles in design
  • Superstructures bolt directly onto piles
  • Unique GRIP® piles for hard ground or rock
  • In‐house structural and geotechnical design service
  • Absolute confidence gained from years of experience

Screwfast Foundation Versitility

Versatility:      ScrewFast foundations can be installed without the need for piling platforms and our rigs can operate under limited headroom using modular pile sections.

Piling rigs are mounted on conventional construction plant, truck cranes, forklift‐trucks, loaders and excavators, which can have either rubber or steel tracks, or wheels for rough terrain, roads or railways.

ScrewFast offers various highly specialised piling techniques, suitable in different ground conditions, on flat or sloping land, below water, or in solid rock.

ScrewFast’s specialist piling operations for the transport and energy infrastructure cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

Our understanding and knowledge in the transport and energy sectors enables us to support clients and planners at the early stages of project development. This contributes to project certainty by reducing construction risks, simplifying construction and the reduction of construction costs.

Specialist Plant and Piling Equipment:

ScrewFast owns its own specialist piling equipment, 40 helical pile torque heads, many percussive pile driving and micro piling rigs, all of which are operated using standard excavators as the operating platforms. ScrewFast outsources modern plant, mainly excavators in various sizes, from accredited suppliers anywhere in the world.

ScrewFast offers alternative solutions to suit virtually any soil type or to overcome difficult access conditions.

All ScrewFast plant is certified CE compliant. All ScrewFast torque heads are calibrated for each project and maintained to a high standard by ScrewFast’s specially trained technical staff.

ScrewFast is unique in having its own electronic calibration equipment approved under its UKAS certificated ISO 9000 quality management system.

ScrewFast teams and equipment can go virtually anywhere and can install on land or in water, for tension, compression and lateral loads.

We can install piles vertically, raking or horizontally.

Screwfast Procurement – CE Marking & Sector 10 Compliance

Procurement:             ScrewFast has an established procurement procedure that complies with Eurocodes. Where contracts require CE Marking or Sector 10 Compliance, these are provided as standard. Suppliers and sub contractors have to be approved through the quality management due diligence procedures focusing on:

  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Quality and traceability
  • Environmental management and sustainability
  • Business information
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Financial credibility

All subcontractors are appointed under our ruling contract and are required to comply with that contract, the law and site rules. They are subject to the same management as direct employees.

ScrewFast has established business relationships with many key suppliers and sub contractors. This has been developed over many years and reflects the need for mutual business success.

Project managers manage the key suppliers and develop professional working relationships to get best services.

ScrewFast regularly works with specialist subcontractors at all stages from design and costing through to final delivery.

ScrewFast frequently installs more than 1000 tonnes of fabricated steel products on a single project in the UK and abroad in the form of wide variety of piles and support structures.

Partnership:   We believe that the cornerstones of partnering are:

  • Trust
  • Mutual objectives
  • Mutual respect
  • Problem resolution
  • Continual improvement
  • Two way communication

ScrewFast places emphasis throughout the organisation and supply chain on these principles and a sincere and enthusiastic customer care culture.

Screwfast Health, Safety, Quality & Motivation

We believe in team work with a ‘can‐do’ approach while keeping in sight the importance of health, safety and quality.

Everyone is actively encouraged and motivated to suggest more efficient methods of working.

ScrewFast encourages good communications and generous support throughout the project team to address any issues and agree solutions swiftly and positively. This greatly assists in the delivery of projects, safely, on time, on budget and to high standards of quality, while complying with the required environmental standards.

Products:        ScrewFast’s own products are protected by copyright, patents filed and pending. UK & foreign no’s are:

  • 0104330.6
  • 0311022.8
  • 0400863.7
  • 0407082.7
  • 0408155.0
  • 0422062.0
  • 0426025.3
  • 0505127.1
  • 0505558.7
  • 0507345.7

In Summary:

Working in live transportation and energy producing sites are well within ScrewFast’s capabilities.

ScrewFast’s project staff have a full understanding of the need to plan and handover work to programme and to minimise impact of construction work on clients’ business activities.

ScrewFast carries all legislative and required insurances for all relevant liabilities and professional indemnity.

Annexure 1:    Transport sectors and general civil works

Job Ref. Job Name Client Market Value

(£Million)Year2082A14 CorridorBIRSEHighways£4.320082030aM4 NewportBalfour BeattyHighways£1.420091950M42 J9-J11BIRSEHighways£1.120082171M5 J25-J27BBCELHighways£0.520082389A42BIRSEHighways£0.4420092164M5 GDIS-Phase 2Balfour BeattyHighways£0.4320092030M4 NewportBalfour BeattyHighways£0.4120082344M62 GantriesTPSHighways£0.420091835M5 GDISBBCELHighways£0.3120082370M25 platforms & CCTV’sSBBJVHighways£0.2620091856M20 – M2ERH Com’nsHighways£0.2620082457Newcastle DIS Phase 3BIRSEHighways£0.2520101925aA38/A50 VMS SchemeCarillionHighways£0.2320092058M5 J31BardensHighways£0.2320093334Henham BridgeStagesCivils£0.1820111838ClongriffenBalfour BeattyRailways£0.1520082259A417/A419 CCTV MastsInter RouteHighways£0.1520092708West Ham Station

WalkwayBarhaleRailways£0.1320101910A5 WIBTOFTOptimaHighways£0.1320081996Dunraven SchoolFurnessCivils£0.1220082901A23 Airport Way, GatwickBam NutallHighways£0.1220102102Catherine’s HillBalfour BeattyHighways£0.1120082439M25 PlatformsSBBJVHighways£0.102009

Annexure 2:    Certificates and Awards:

ScrewFast is certified through UKAS Register for Quality (ISO9001-2015) ‐ audited six monthly and registered with UVDB and Linkup ‐ audited annually.

ScrewFast has received many awards for innovation and business, including Hertfordshire Business of the Year – 2006 and runner up in 2010.

ScrewFast is a founding member of the Institute of Helical Pile Engineering.

ScrewFast was awarded a Queens Award for Enterprise in 2005 – Innovation Category.