ScrewFast have been providing fast, reliable screw pile and steel based foundations on highways and road since introducing the technology in 2005. Our range of foundation solutions help reduce the project duration by up to 70% and simplifies the installation process. The screw piling installation requires just one excavator, eradicates the need for mass excavation and retaining walls, and can be installed in just a few hours. Our helical piles can be installed quickly and safely without removing the existing crash barriers.

Specialised, time and cost saving solutions have been developed for MS3 & MS4 structures, Superspan Gantries, CCTV and other structures, which have resulted in project cost savings of up to 30%.

Helical piles are just one of the many foundation solutions which ScrewFast Foundations design and supply for road and highways projects, including:

  • Bottom Driven Piles
  • Overburden Drilling Systems
  • Micro Piles
  • CFA Piles

ScrewFast have installed screw pile and other foundations on the following projects:

  • Birmingham Box
  • M4 Newport
  • A14
  • M1 J1-4
  • M5 GDIS Phase 1
  • M5 GDIS Phase 2
  • M11
  • M62
  • M40
  • M42
  • A42
  • A12/A20
  • A38/A50
  • M1 J14-16
  • M5 J31

Helical Piles and Steel Foundations are used regularly across the highways sector for many structures including:

  • Road Signs
  • Gantries
  • Lighting columns
  • Traffic Lights
  • Walls and Fences
  • CCTV
  • Bridges

Plus many more including City Centre structures surrounded by underground utilities.