Project: Chestnut Farm Mobile Dwelling

ScrewFast Foundations were approached by contemporary architects PAD Studio to design foundations for a series of bespoke, prefabricated mobile dwellings, erected at Chestnut Farm in the New Forest. Due to the location and architects design concept, the foundation designs were required to have minimal environmental impact.

Our site team performed an advanced site scan to check for buried services and evaluate ground conditions, to allow fully informed design process. To meet the clients requirements, the foundation solution designed by the ScrewFast skilled design team consisted of 18No. Helical Piles foundations to a depth of 9 metres, with 8No. Cross beams on which to sit the final building structure. Installation of the ScrewFast building foundation solution was complete in just 5 day shifts of 8.5 hours.

The only plant on site was one 13 tonne rubber tracked excavator with 90kN Torque head, and a 6m Rock auger to overcome any harder ground types at greater depth. All plant used by ScrewFast Foundations is modern and well maintained by our internal team, resulting in minimum emissions. Due to the environmentally beneficial foundation solution designed by ScrewFast and minimal excavation required, there was no need for removal of spoil. Any resulting spoil was simply spread around the local site.

To ensure the site was safe for the local community, a temporary fence was erected around the perimeter of the working area by the principal contractor to prevent anyone from encroaching onto the site. Sound levels were also monitored onsite by the Screwfast supervisor with portable meter, to ensure noise levels were acceptable.

The mobile dwellings conform to the 1968 Caravan Act and are capable of being lifted once built, with the helical pile foundation designs able to be completely removed without leaving any notable legacy.