Helical Piles for Boardwalks

May 31, 2019 4:21 pm

Boardwalks are an important feature in wildlife sanctuaries and in protected wetland areas where sensitive wildlife needs to be protected. The minimum disturbance is preferable when allowing pedestrians into the area to observe and enjoy the landscape.

Usually elevated to allow for the ground beneath to be undisturbed, elevated boardwalks are an important feature in many places of environmental interest all over the world. Various methods are utilised in the building of elevated boardwalk foundations. Water presence is of course, an issue and excavating into wet ground is tricky due to foundation flooding. Therefore, helical piles are preferable in this situation.

A helical pile or screw pile is a foundation system which utilises steel shafts with plates welded up the length at strategic points. This anchoring system is also used in many other tricky applications, including power lines and wind turbines as well as lighthouses, buildings and street lights. The depth at which piles may be installed is considerable and additional lengths of steel may be attached as the need for more depth arises.


Why Helical Piles Are the Best Option for Boardwalks?

Wetlands are quite often protected zones. They are sensitive in an environmental sense due to the presence of wildlife and possibly endangered species. Because helical piles do not require any preservative and are chemical-free, this is a far safer option.

The installation of helical piles is also much faster, quieter and cleaner than traditional foundation installation; there is less vibration and noise and therefore less chance of disturbing the wildlife in the area. Because helical piles do not rot and are made of galvanised steel, their lifespan is far greater than traditional foundation systems.

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