The Lowdown on Grillages

August 31, 2016 10:33 am

Grillages are a versatile and environmentally friendly foundation technique which is often applied in situations where towers, road signs, gantries or overhead line electrification needs to be installed. The term grillage comes from the French “greille” meaning grating of metal or steel bars. Placed on a number of screwpiles, steel grillages support the overlying structure firmly and reliably whilst reducing installation time when compared to traditional support systems, to under an hour in some cases. The superior technology and more sustainable methods and materials make grillages a desirable and cost effective solution in most cases. Advantages of Grillages High speed installation Convenience Cost effective – reducing expenditure and manpower Versatile – suits a wide variety of applications Types of Grillage...

Subsidence: The Symptoms and the Causes

August 5, 2016 10:29 am

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. The realisation that the very ground on which your home stands, is on the move. The problem with subsidence is that by the time the symptoms are visible, the damage is already done. There are some very early signs which many people miss including doors and windows beginning to ‘stick’ when they’re opened or closed. But other signs are more often the first to be spotted and they include cracks around door frames or windows and particularly around extensions where the newer building meets the older. This is due to the buildings trying to pull away from one another. It should be noted that most buildings, especially older properties will have some visible cracks both within...