What to Avoid When Choosing a Pile Foundation Company

February 12, 2018 11:35 am

The processes and apparatus involved in installing building foundations (such as helical piles) are continually progressing, while new tools and techniques emerge. At times, foundation companies fail to keep up with these inescapable changes, resulting in errors, safety hazards and poor service. If you have an upcoming building project and require a foundation installation company, here are four things you we advise you to avoid when hiring a pile foundation company:

  1. Lack of Experience

In certain industries, long-term experience is of the utmost importance because it means the company is well-practiced, knowledgeable and proficient. ScrewFast, for example, has nearly two decades worth of experience in a range of foundation industries and we have a training school for new installers. Try to avoid companies who do not have the experience necessary to provide a superior service.

  1. Neglecting Safety

Stay away from unprofessional companies that cut corners and overlook safety. In order to avoid injuries of both staff members and the general public, it’s important for companies to place a strong focus on safety throughout a project. At ScrewFast, we have avoided any serious injuries and are proud of efforts to protect those who manufacture, install and use our pile foundations.

  1. Incorrect Tools

Where geotechnical engineering is concerned, appropriate equipment is of course imperative. Many vendors lack the knowledge and resources required to correctly test, plan and execute a pile foundation project.

  1. Ignoring Ground Conditions

Before a building project can commence, a thorough and professional survey of the ground must first be carried out. Decisions can then be made about what approach will be taken and what equipment will be used to install the foundations. Our piles are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the ground conditions. For instance, rock cutting teeth can be added to our helical piles in order to break through strenuous terrain.

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