Helical Piles the Future of Construction

June 20, 2016 10:25 am

Understanding when and where Helical Piles are the best solution in building is dependent on first understanding their purpose.

Any foundation needs to be strong enough to support and to bear the weight of whichever structure rests above it. When we look at traditional foundations we come to realise that they are inherently weak.

Varying soil conditions, water or plant life can all contribute to the detriment of a traditional foundation meaning that the building it supports can suffer damage. As moisture seeps into the fabric of the building, walls can crack or bow, floors can list and within the building, the weakness of the traditional foundation becomes all to apparent.

In some areas, flood prone areas in particular, it is vital that foundations are extremely stable or the risk of damage is high. Helical Piles are often the best solution to the problem of building in flood prone areas or in areas where the ground is unstable for other reasons.

Helical Piles are basically steel shafts with blades which are attached in a corkscrew fashion in the manner of a screw. This is sometimes simply referred to as a pile. Piles are attached to the foundation and screwed into the ground; the weight bearing ability of the structure is drastically increased and the structure is also stabilised.

The piles act as a means of spreading, or sharing the load of the building they’re supporting and they can also be added to buildings which have already been completed with traditional foundations in place but which may need stabilising due to subsidence or other damage.

Helical Piles could become mandatory in areas at risk of flooding and because of this they are the best option for any new construction and for any construction on unstable land.

Another great advantage of Helical Piles is the ease with which they may be installed in tight, difficult to access areas. The equipment used to install Helical Piles can be operated even in very awkward spots.

Eco-Friendly Foundations

Helical Piles are a low impact solution offering significantly reduced carbon emissions as well as fast installation with minimal noise pollution. Helical Piles are also removable and reusable…. unlike traditional foundations.


Because Helical Piles are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit different needs, they’re incredibly versatile and can be provided to suit your exact needs.

Not only can they be used in any soil, but they can also be used at varying grades and at varying angles; the pile is designed to fit the conditions at the site in question and installation is far cheaper and faster than that of traditional foundations.

The future of construction is already here and it’s a lot more reliable than it used to be.




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