Case Study: Pile Foundations for North London Extension

June 6, 2016 1:21 pm

At ScrewFast Foundations, we often focus on the industrial applications that benefit from our piling systems. This includes the roads, rail, renewable energy and electrification, environmental and civil engineering industries. But screw piles have also been used successfully for years in domestic pile applications. Here’s one example of an architectural firm that implemented ScrewFast’s screw piles to solve the traditional challenges of building in an active period home.

Building Challenges For Foundation of A North London Victorian Home

Hampson Williams wanted to build a prefabricated rear extension on a North London Victorian home. The challenge was that the only access was a narrow front door (typical for period homes), which measured 826mm wide by 2,000mm high. All building equipment and materials would have to travel through this door. In addition to this, the home was being lived in throughout the project; any intrusion/disruption needed to be extremely limited. This ruled out bringing heavy equipment through the flat.

In addition to these challenges the local council had a ‘no skip policy’. Concrete and raft foundations would not suffice because large amounts of cement would have to be hauled through the building.  Furthermore, traditional concrete strip and raft foundations created substantial spoil. Finally, cement was rules out in order to create less of a negative environmental impact.

Solution:  ScrewFast Foundations Screw Piles


Why were screw piles chosen for this North London domestic application? Using Screw Fast screw piles provided the following benefits:

  • Less friction, disruption of the soil due to a narrower core tube
  • Less energy required
  • Lighter equipment was used (equipment fit through narrow front entrance)
  • Less noise which caused minimal disruption to household occupants
  • Fewer spoils were created than with cement (it was environmentally sustainable)

Foundation Development and Frame Installation

Sections of pile were bolted together and screwed in using a compact hydraulic rig. Six piles with a core diameter of 60mm were paired and installed manually using a tripod rig. Each pile was connected to a prefabricated steel plate pile cap. This was completed in a single day.

The steel frame was then constructed to support the roof elements and the timber floor. The joint locations and frame sections were carefully measured to fit through the narrow entranceway. The frame was bolted together and fully installed in just two days time. The end result was the rear extension of a beautiful Victorian mid-terrace flat in North London with a new kitchen and dining space.

ScrewFast Foundations can supply a variety pile foundations for every size project imaginable. We offer an innovative solution to your building challenges.

For more information on our screw piles or any of our foundation solutions, contact ScrewFast today.


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