Screwfast Partner with Tower Safety Systems to Introduce Innovative New Modular System

March 22, 2016 1:06 pm

Screwfast is pleased to announce our partnership with new company Tower Safety Systems (TSS). This exciting and innovative company is behind the development of a large-scale, modular scaffolding alternative with potential for use in a variety of applications.

Designed to protect infrastructure assets during large-scale construction and maintenance projects, the TSS Safety System has been in development for over three years and this period has included input from Network Rail, Highways England, The Environment Agency and National Grid.

The geotechnical and structural engineering team behind the system have created a design where support is delivered by Helical Piles and Backstays. Loads are transferred safely and effectively via a range of patented products offering a system which is safer, faster, and cheaper than traditional foundations.

Designed to enable installation on any angle of pitch or slope, the system can also be installed on made grounds and embankments.

The system has also been designed to be ICE & WIND load compliant and can be put to use all year round withstanding any weather conditions. On bespoke projects, additional backstays are available for installation and can span distances of 100m to protect roads and highways, waterways, rail tracks, pipes or property; the system is also suitable for installation in water and in areas of high flood risk.

The system has been rigorously tested and has undergone feedback from Tier 1 contractors and Design Consultancies, in 2015 it was tested for National Grid Specification Guidance for Overhead Line Crossings and was subject to loads dropped from 15m with deflections of less than 1cm. This demonstrated compliance with DH25 and it is to our knowledge the only compliant modular product on the market.

The system can be installed and removed in 3 days, has a tower footprint of only 1.5m² per tower, a ladder and walkway system, is low impact, sustainable and recyclable. Removing 90% of the need to work at height, the health and safety benefits of the system are evident as is the cost and speed at which the system can be delivered.


  • Limited Working at Height – 90% reduction in working at height
  • Accidents – No Falling Scaffold, Tools or Fixings
  • Modular Safety – System constructed at ground level
  • Design Proven Every Time – less risk to workers and the public
  • DH 25 Compliant – Guaranteed tested and Compliant every time
  • Site Movements – significantly less site movements


  • Standardisation – Solves installation worker error
  • Fast Installation – 20m high 60m wide and 60m span installation 5 days
  • Access – Installed on any angle of Pitch or Slope
  • Installation – all year round in any season
  • Installation – Can be installed in flooded ground
  • Installation – As little as 24-hour turnaround


  • Installation – As little as 24-hour turnaround
  • Sustainable – All steel solution – long lifecycle 100% recyclable
  • Carbon Benefits – Each 20m section uses 40% less steel than Scaffold
  • Site movements – significantly less site movements
  • Cost – As much as 50% cheaper

As TSS’ installation partner, we’re pleased to be involved in this pioneering new system and to be working alongside the TSS management team which has over 120 years of infrastructure experience.

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