Designs for Grillage Applications

January 9, 2016 8:37 am

ScrewFast offers leading edge geotechnical engineering solutions that have been gradually developed to include a variety of standard and bespoke design applications.  This is especially true in the invention of the steel grillage.

Grillages are a framework of single or double tiered beams, placed crosswise to support and secure a foundation.   This ridged framework joins the structures to the screwpiles through a group of bolts affixed to the top of each steel pile.

Our standard size grillages can be adapted as each project requires, and include T-shape grillages, Y- shape grillages, cruciform grillages and 6, 8, and 10 pile grillages. Steel grillages are used wherever groups of piles are required, such as gantries, signage, overhead electrification masts and telecommunication towers.

Types of Steel Grillages and Their Benefits

T-shape and Y-shape grillages are often used for signal posts, lighting columns and CCTV cameras when obstructions necessitate offsetting the mast.  T-shape grillages can rotate 360 degrees.  With Y- shape grillages, Piles can be angled at 15 degrees to create a tripod structure which offers optimal lateral restraint.   Both can be installed in under 2 hours.  Other grillages include cruciform and 6, 8 and 10 pile grillages.

Each grillage type is built offsite and can be installed quickly.  Their versatility makes them adaptable to a range of project requirements. The use of steel foundations systems dramatically reduces build time from start to finish as well as being more economically sustainable and 100% recyclable.

With concrete, pouring and curing time can add several weeks to a project.  Deeper excavation is needed, which disturbs the environment.  On the other hand, the entire process of steel foundations is environmentally friendly and significantly less expensive.

For any questions you may have about steel grillage applications, or any of our foundation solutions, please contact ScrewFast today.

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