Cost effective Helical Pile Method for MS3 & MS4 Foundations.

May 13, 2013 2:14 pm

For many years the standard procedure for MS3 Foundations and MS4 Foundations has been the tried and trusted method known as Concrete Pile. While this is form of foundation fixing is perfectly adequate for its intended purpose it is very time consuming and labour intensive compared to the ScrewFast Piling method for Gantry Foundations.

ScrewFast`s Helical Piling method for MS3 & MS4 Foundations can be completed form start to finish in 1/3 of the time that it takes to complete a project using the concrete piling method thus reducing the need for traffic management and inconvenience to motorists.

Compared to the Concrete piling method ScrewFast`s Helical Piling Method for MS3 and MS4 Foundations offer the following time and financial savings…

  • Time – The Helical Pile method offers a 66% time saving over the Concrete pile method and, unlike the concrete pile method the work can be carried out in all weathers.
  • Labour – ScrewFast Piling Method requires a 5 man team to complete the entire process compared to the Concrete piling method which requires approximately 16 workmen from various trades throughout the process.
  • Plant Hire – Helical Pilling greatly reduces the need for Plant throughout the entire process.
  • Soil Removal – Due to the fact that the Helical Pile method uses specially designed steel bars that are literally screwed into the ground it eradicates the need for soil removal before and after preparing the foundation.
  • Materials and Deliveries – ScrewFast`s Helical Pile method eliminates the need for concrete in the foundation and offers a massive saving on various other materials.

It is clear from the above information that there are considerable financial savings to be made by utilizing the Helical Pilling method when installing MS3 and MS4 Foundations; Savings that have transpired from using Steel over Concrete have been up to £50,000 per site.

If you require MS3 or MS4 Foundation solutions or any of our other expert services contact ScrewFast today.

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