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ScrewFast Foundations Limited are committed to delivering innovation and providing excellent service to our customers.

Since the company’s formation in 2000, ScrewFast has pioneered the revolution in steel piling foundations and was the first provider of large diameter helical piles in UK infrastructure.

This year will see the delivery of our millionth metre of foundation to clients.  We remain the only steel foundation specialist to offer a full range of solutions and can supply piles in any ground conditions from minimal SPT values, to rock.

We go where concrete can’t and at the end of a project life, we can often remove piles and leave, where concrete has to be left behind.  Therefore we provide options on whole project and life cost that concrete can’t match, whilst being recyclable, sustainable, environmentally beneficial and delivering substantial carbon benefits.

Working throughout all major infrastructure sectors, steel-based foundations have grown to be recognised and accepted as a preferred option for Highways and Rail Structures, Electrification and Energy Structures, Telecommunication Masts, Marine-based Construction, Eco-Friendly Building and many other industry applications.

ScrewFast provides turn-key foundation solutions which allow clients and partners to select from a menu of site investigation, design, supply, installation, monitoring and testing.

For more information on how helical and or steel foundations can work in your project, please continue to browse the website and download our comprehensive brochure.  Of course we would be delighted to talk to you via any of our contact details.

7 Metre Rail Helical Pile Installation Video Lightweight Angel Pile Installation VideoGRIP Pile Foundation Installation VideoHelical Pile | Angel Pile Installation Video

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Helical Piles: Installing Art in a Grade II Listed Park

June 2016

Grade II Listed Properties have distinct rules of engagement when it comes to planning permissions, which include aesthetic, practical and environmental considerations.   History and Brief by Southwark Council ScrewFast received a brief by the local council to create foundations for two unusual pieces...

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Case Study: Pile Foundations for North London Extension

June 2016

At ScrewFast Foundations, we often focus on the industrial applications that benefit from our piling systems. This includes the roads, rail, renewable energy and electrification, environmental and civil engineering industries. But screw piles have also been used successfully for years in domestic pile applications. Here’s...

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