CFA Continuous Flight Augur Piles

This is the least noisy type of piling, with no vibration and does not give cause to ground heave. The diameter of the piles generally starts as small as 250mm diameter and can go up to 1500mm diameter with depths of up to 32mts. These piles can achieve extremely high load capacities.

It is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas and the method enables piles to be formed in water-bearing strata. It is suitable in most strata: gravels, sands, silts, clays and soft rocks and in mixtures of strata.

If the holes can be drilled and concreted with the drill string in one length, then we can avoid taking the auger on then off again, but in some instances, for example areas with height restrictions, this is not practical and therefore we use a shorter pile rig mast and use sectional augers. This allows for 6 meters of drill rods and the augers can be added as the drill string progresses deeper. When the Augers are to depth, the blanking plug is blown out of the augers and the concrete will be injected through the centre of the augers. The augers will be taken off the drill string as required when pulled out of the hole. The reinforcement cage is then lowered into the concreted pile.