“I am writing in support of the ScrewFast/WSP/Carillion for the use of innovative signal foundation solutions.

The significant factors…were the impressive proposed improvements in road-worker safety, budget, and overall scheme programme time.

…these improvements and saving should not be isolated to this scheme alone so it is important that the best practice and use of innovative products is captured and passed on to other Highways Agency Schemes so that such benefits become the norm…

..it will not be surprising if in the future this scheme looked back on as a turning point or change in direction.”

Martyn Lines, Project Sponsor | Highways Agency

“Compared to conventional techniques, these have not only reduced the time on site by nearly 50%, but have generated cost savings of nearly 30%.

The ScrewFast system dramatically reduces the amount of time and number of operatives required for the site installation of the works – making the process inherently safer and substantially cheaper. This equates to a reduction in the time exposed to the risks of working on live carriageways of 70%.”

Sarah Revell | Carillion

“I would like to take this opportunity to say how helpful your on-call staff are in responding to any problems that our staff face on-site, especially when most of our work is at unsociable hours.

The services that ScrewFast supply are to a very high standard and we look forward to working with you in the near future. ”

A Lockett| Ubique Ground Engineering

“Service is excellent and never have problem contacting people midweek or weekends.

Hopefully we will have more work for you in the future. ”

D Brough | Storey Rail

“Good response with delivery of additional piles”

D Murchie |QTS Group

“I have been incredibly pleased with working with ScrewFast.”

Richard Lowe | SDL Mansfield

“The Screwfast Team had a great attitude to safety and could relate to everything that was discussed with them on site. The installation was professional and did not generate any problems. I would not hesitate in recommending them for future works within the Alliance”

The Murphy Group

“There’s nothing that’s been scrimped or saved on this permanent bridge and I think it looks stunning. It’s also doing something which fits into the landscape and I am very proud of the work they’ve done here.”

Hektor Rous | Estate Manager | Henham Park
*source BBC News Suffolk 8th July 2011

“From Balfour Beatty’s side I have to commend the guys at the weekend on a very professional job. The whole Screwfast system is very impressive”

John Keaveney | MD | Balfour Beatty

Steve Tomkins | Project Manager | BBRCE

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