Star Pile

A star pile foundation is a steel, winged pile which provides an instant foundation for smaller structures.

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Latest News

The Pros and Pros of Helical Piles

July 2019

They have been around since 1833 but helical piles are yet to reach their full capacity as the innovative and brilliant examples of engineering that they are. Helical piles were invented by a civil engineer from Ireland called Alexander Mitchell, who was, astoundingly, blind....

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Helical Piles – Better than Concrete?

June 2019

Understanding the key differences between helical piles and concrete is vital before you can begin to cast judgement on which is better. Helical piles consist of a steel shaft which has a plate welded to the exterior surface; this plate assists the screwing in...

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Helical Piles – Questions Answered

June 2019

Unless you are in the industry or have had reason to research, it’s possible that you have many questions about helical piles and what they are. Here are some in-depth questions and answers to cover the most important facts. What is a helical pile?...

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