Company History

ScrewFast Heritage and Pedigree

ScrewFast Foundations Ltd evolved from a franchised soils investigation company called Mini Soils Surveys.  Drawing on improvements that American company, AB Chance, had made to the almost forgotten foundation techniques of Victorian inventor Alexander Mitchell, the fledgling company ScrewFast Foundations Ltd reintroduced an improved screw piling industry concept, to the United Kingdom at the turn of the millennium.

Company Milestones

January 2000 – Company formed of technical experts in new market concept.

January 2001 – First major screw pile project in the UK completed for Scottish power.

Spring 2002 – New technology introduced to the rail market taking just 90 mins per base foundation (thousands of similar bases will be adopted as standard to market)

June 2002 – ISO 9000 accreditation gained

September 2002 – Screw pile foundations adopted by the telecoms market.

January 2003 – Company moves to St. Albans in Hertfordshire and continues to grow

February 2004 – ScrewFast Foundations Ltd’s market leading Angel Pile® design approved

August 2005 – ScrewFast Foundations Ltd presented the “Queens award for enterprise”

March 2006 – Builds major road project CCTV infrastructure with partner Carillion on M621

January 2007 – ScrewFast Foundations Ltd designs a highly technical solution to enter the Spanish solar PV market

Summer 2007 – Gains project for Cambridge guided bus way

May 2008 –  ScrewFast Foundations Ltd wins Birmingham boxed managed motorway project work

November 2009 – Major work secured on M25 widening

Spring 2010 – Tesco supermarket on the Isle of Wight is built on ScrewFast Foundations Ltd piles

May 2011 – One of the largest bridges built on a floating platform is constructed on ScrewFast Foundations Ltd piles, for the Latitude Festival

July 2012 – ScrewFast Foundations Ltd’s key to Olympic success by designing bespoke pile solution for temporary seating at Eaton Dorney and various locations throughout the Olympics Park.

“ScrewFast Foundations Ltd has demonstrated time and again it is the first choice for innovation, quality, service and value.”
Rod Ward Able –  Business Development Director, ScrewFast Foundations Ltd

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